Sample Camping Trip

Month days, 2003


What: Overnight Camping Trip

Where: __________________________


Cost: $____+ $_____ for food

Departure: Fri __pm, GSLC, Class A uniform with Class B underneath.

Be at the church 15 min before departure time.

Return: Sun __pm, GSLC, Class A uniform (will call if early/late)

Trip Leader: ______________ home ___-____ cell ___-____

Raleigh contact: ______________ home ___-____ cell ___-____

Meals: Fri supper: Bring Individual Bag supper, no stops.

Sat bkfst: Patrol Cook (wood or charcoal)

Sat lunch: Quick/No Cook (ie. Sandwiches)

Sat supper: Mini-Patrols Backpacking Stove

Sun bkfst: Patrol No-Cook Backpackers meal

Sun lunch: Fast food on way home. Bring $$


Activities: All activities will adhere to Guide to Safe Scouting.

Orienteering Activity



Equipment: Compass, Water Purifier, Rain gear

Weather: Warm days (50ís) and cold nights (30ís)

Additional Bring extra clothes and shoes that can get wet.

Information: Be aware that you will be eating Fri supper after you get to Camp.

Distribute/Pack gear and food before departure time.

(Detach and Return Bottom Portion with Payment)

In consideration of the benefits to be derived by my son by participating in the program of Boy Scouts of America, membership and participation in which is voluntary, and having full confidence that every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of my child during Troop 28 outings, I hereby agree to his participation during the period above and waive all claims against the Boy Scouts of America, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and the leaders of any activity so sponsored.

In the event that I cannot be reached in the case of an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the adult leader in charge to secure medical treatment, hospitalize, secure anesthesia, or to order injections or surgery for my child.

Name of Trip: . Amount Due(____) Paid

Name of Scout: .

Parent/Guardian Signature: Date .

Parent Contact during Trip: (home) (cell) .