I, ______________________, a member of Troop 28 wish to participate in a positive way in troop and Patrol meetings and the Scout functions sponsored by Troop 28. Therefore, I sign this behavior contract with my Scoutmaster and parents/guardians willingly, and I will work to live by the Scout Law and help Troop 28 become an outstanding unit. I understand fully that:


    1. I am expected to respect the Scoutmaster, the Assistant Scoutmasters and all the adults who work with the Troop.
    2. I am expected to respect my fellow Scouts.
    3. I am to be quiet when appropriate during meetings (ie. During the opening and closing ceremonies, when instruction is going on, during the Scoutmasterís minute, and whenever the Scout Sign is up.)
    4. I am to wear the Scout uniform as designated by the Troop 28 Uniform Policy. I understand that the uniform is an important part of scouting and I will not be allowed to participate without it.
    5. I am to respect and take care of all Church, BSA, Troop and Patrol property at all times. I am also to show respect for the property of other scouts at all times.
    6. I am to participate actively and positively in all meetings and functions of the Troop. I am to have permission before I leave a troop event or activity.
    7. I am to encourage other Scouts in their advancement in Scouting, and in their participation in Patrol and Troop functions.
    8. I am to strive to be a positive member of my Patrol and work with patrol members at each meeting and function.
    9. I am to properly and appropriately use a knife, axe or saw and only when in possession of a valid "Totin Chip".
    10. I understand tobacco, alcohol, illegal/controlled substances, fireworks, and firearms are prohibited. I will not cheat lie, or steal.
    11. If at any time my behavior endangers health or safety or is repeatedly disruptive to the function of my patrol and/or Troop, then the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster will call my parent/guardian and ask them to pick me up from the meeting or Scout function. I will not be allowed to return to Troop functions until a conference has been held with Troop Leaders, my parents/guardians and me. If it becomes necessary to have a second conference, then I understand that additional actions may be taken.



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